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Why NAB Crypto is a scam?

NAB Crypto was added to the Belgium FSMA’s Warnings
The Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) found out that NAB Crypto was a fake online trading platform.

NAB Crypto is also added to a warning list of the UK FCA
NAB Crypto is offering financial services in the UK without a license, according to a notice from the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA).

NAB Crypto is an unlicensed forex broker that claims that it is a trustworthy broker. Regulated brokers always put their licenses and authorizations in a place where they can be seen. If such important information is missing, it may be a clear sign that the broker is not licensed. It raises suspicions.

The contact information on NAB Crypto’s website also includes UK-based phone numbers. According to UK legislation, the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority must grant permission to all businesses and people who advertise, market, or sell financial services or goods in the country (UK FCA). We only discovered a warning from the UK FCA about this broker, though. NAB Crypto is allegedly offering financial services in the UK without a license. The NAB Crypto online trading platform is a scam, according to the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

In actuality, there are no regulatory bodies that oversee NAB Crypto. The money cannot be safeguarded by any laws, hence it is risky to allow this broker to hold or control the investors’ funds. It is a swindle as a result.

The broker’s website being suspended is always a bad indicator, and the domain “” is not functional. This is most likely because it was suspended.

If you are scammed by NAB Crypto broker, you can file a complaint in the complaint form on top. You can also share your experience with the broker as a comment.

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